Proof of Authority
Musereum POA network is a public crosschain network based on the Ethereum protocol with Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism supported by independent validators. Musereum network makes smart-contracts cheaper and faster than its POW predecessors

Consensus of respected persons with a reputation as a stack

PoA is a consensus mechanism which uses certain «authorities» as an alternative to nodes. This solution enables us to avoid computational problems with nodes during block creation and adds security to the blockchain.
Architecture's overview

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DAL Wizard
Validators are «authorities» whose job is to validate the blocks and to secure the network by their identity. Our first validators are USA public notaries with identities verified by the respective state authorities. Validators receive 2.5% of the ETM tokens additionally issued.
Master of Ceremony
Using the special DApp, the 12 initial keys will be created by Master of Ceremony and distributed to individual validators. Each validator will change his/her keys to a new set of keys using this DApp. Master of Ceremony is the creator of a network.
Independent participants identify the rights holders to the uploaded music and verify the legal information provided by the music uploaders. They receive 2.5% of the ETM tokens additionally issued.
The keepers provide network with decentralization and fault tolerance. The network ensures intellectual property content & metadata are stored decentralized.
Musereum Blockchain
Reduced block time
The PoA consensus mechanism reduces the block generation time.
No mining
There is no need for expensive equipment and computing to generate a block.
Inner governance
After the initial distribution of keys, additional validators can be added or removed through the voting process via the Governance DApp.
Legally recognizable decisions
All validators are contractually bound by an agreement, that introduces liability for their actions.
The network supports different Proof of Identity DApps used to additionally verify identity of validators.
Crosschain Anchoring
Anchoring data to Ethereum Classic protects Musereum network against history revisions by adding PoW consensus of the Ethereum Classic Blockchain.
Technology used
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